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Escape Mobility Company Head Office

Head Office - Landgraaf, The Netherlands

Why evacuation products?

In case of a calamity, like fire-, smoke alarm or gas escape, all people in the building need to evacuate as safe and quick as possible. However, in case the elevator cannot or may not be used, using the stairs to leave the building is the only option. In case there are people present that need extra assistance leaving the building, it is of upmost importance that evacuation equipment is available.

Who is at risk?

People with visible limitations to use the stairs like people with knee or leg injuries, elderly, pregnant women, people with obesity and disabled people. Also people with invisible limitations like heart- or lung problems, mentally disabled, disorientated people and people with a fragile condition need assistance to evacuate quickly in case of an emergency.

Why choose Escape Mobility Company?

The Escape-Chair® is classified within the EU as a ‘medical device’ and therefore must conform to the provisions of the Medical Devices Directive, 93/42/EEC (2002) which requires all such devices to carry the CE mark. All of our Escape-Chair® and Escape-Mattress® range of evacuation solutions are produced in Europe, with main supply from Germany and The Netherlands. All of our evacuation equipment is produced to ISO 9001 standard and is tested to TÜV certification. 

About us

Escape Mobility Company provides high quality evacuation solutions, like the products Escape-Chair® and Escape-Mattress® since 1987. Our international company is located in The Netherlands (Head Office), Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany and USA. In addition, Escape Mobility Company is represented by a network of distributers worldwide who supply our evacuation products in their own region.

Customer Service

Our customer focused teams are always happy to accommodate to the needs of their customers. Whether it is escape evacuation product supply, or even installation of equipment, we are always there.

We also realise the importance of ensuring that customers meets their safety standards for servicing of evacuation equipment within the workplace. And even requests to provide training in the use of the evacuation equipment, so that we can help you, as the responsible person, to ensure that staff are trained and have the confidence to evacuate a building, regardless of it being as part of your annual fire drill or if it really is in an emergency.

We strive to provide a speedy response, but also not forgetting that high quality service is top of our list.

Escape Mobility Company

The Netherlands

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    E: info@escape-mobility.com
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    F: +31 (0)45 572 4940

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