News - 22 March 2018

Evacuation equipment is a must on airports

EU Legislation 1107/2006 for Airports concerning the assistance for passangers with reduced mobility (PRM`s) As you might all know, the number of PRM`s (passangers with reduced mobility) is a world wide growing number.

At Airports this means that the teams who offer assistance are very busy. The EU legislation 1107/2006 is the legislation for the rights of assistance for passangers with reduced mobility at European Airports.

How an Airport must fullfill this can be read in the ECAC DOC 30, part 1, Section 5.

Escape Mobility Company is specialized in helping Airports solving their evacuation problem especially for the Passangers with reduced mobility.

The number of EU Airports that only will work with our equipment is growing every year...

We are happy to help you out at your Airport.
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