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As the nominated responsible person, it is your job to ensure that staff are trained in the use of evacuation equipment, in the workplace. Not only this, they need to have the confidence to assist a vulnerable colleague in a crisis and to help them to evacuate a building, regardless of it being as part of an annual fire drill or if it really is in an emergency.

Don’t put people at risk! Always ensure that training is carried out in their own building, using their own evacuation equipment. As the training is very site specific, there needs to be an assessment of the type of building, as well as its usage. Together with any awareness of staff/public issues that should have been identified or need to be identified.

We can offer you the following options:


Train the Trainer

Practical Escape Evacuation chair, Escape Evacuation Mattress or Escape Evacuation Sheet training that not only provides the attendee to be confident in using the Escape Evacuation Chair, Escape Evacuation Mattress or Escape Evacuation Sheet, it also allows them to train others in the use of the chair, mattress or sheet.

Course duration: 4 hours
Number of attendees: maximum of 4 people per training session

Instruction Training

Practical Escape Evacuation Chair, Escape Evacuation Mattress or Escape Evacuation Sheet training session to ensure that your users are confident and competent in helping people to escape safely from their building.

Course duration: 2 hours
Number of attendees: maximum of 6 people per training session

Applies to different types of Evacuation equipment, such as the Escape-Chair®, Escape-Mattress®, Escape-Sheet® and ‘similar types’ of evacuation chairs, mattresses and sheets.

*in order to renew your certificate, we recommend a refresher training session, so that you can keep up-to-date with any changes in training and techniques.

Why not combine your annual refresher training session with the servicing of the Escape Evacuation Chairs?
Ensures that you reduce risks and reduce costs. Ask our Sales Team for terms and conditions.

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